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Choosing Freshwater Pearl Necklaces to Match Your Style

April 23rd, 2017 10:35 pm

The freshwater pearls are one of the most beautiful and lasting gems that exist on this planet. Despite the simplicity, they have their own distinct beauty that can truly captivate the attention of any individual who knows how to appreciate a genuine gemstone. Whatever their color, shape or size, pearls have a timeless quality that they are worth to be passed on from one generation to another. Owning them is a real treasure.

According to their individual physical features such as their own figure and face shape as well as their suites they are wearing, ladies can choose different kinds of pearl necklaces. There are so many kinds of pearl necklaces. According to its length, the styles of pearl necklaces can be classified as follows:

Pearl Necklace

– Collar style: Multiple pearl rows are wearing closely around the neck, featured with the elegant and luxurious grace of Victoria Times. This style of necklace is suitable to ” V” shaped collar, boat collar, and formal evening wear.

– Short necklace: The wearing length of the single strand pearl necklace is set approximate 40mm, which is the most classical and the most popular practical option for ladies. The style of the pearl necklace can match gracefully any classical or fashionable evening or cocktail dresses as well as any styles of collars.

– Princess style: It refers to the pearl necklace which is approximately 45-48mm in length. The princess style necklace is especially suitable to high-collar dresses, and the necklace can be put on a pedant or other hanging decoration to create a sense of flowing motion.

– Martini style: The length of the pearl necklace of this style is approximately 50-58mm. Martini style pearl necklace can match delicately any causal or professional suites.

– Opera style: This style of pearl necklace measures approximately 70 – 80mm in length. Opera style pearl necklace can nicely match any high-collar dresses. It can match the dress with other double rows of short length pearl necklace to highlight a charming effect

– Cord style: The length of this style of pearl necklace exceeds 110mm. Consumers can wear this style of pearl necklaces in different ways. This graceful and long style pearls are usually regarded as their favorites of the world reputable fashion designers. The cord style of pearl necklace is very flexible to wear, and you can slightly change the way to clasp the necklace to present different shapes of the necklace for its beauty.

– Florid style: This style of pearl necklace is composed of 8mm pearls, 6-7mm pearls and 5mm pearls. It wears around the neck with 5- 1o rounds, presenting a romantic, florid and elegant sense.

– Dress necklace: The dress necklace is composed of a long or short multiple rows of pearl necklaces, usually with a clap . It can match any formal dresses, giving a feeling of formal, graceful and elegant sense of quality.

A freshwater pearl necklace is a popular fashion for all women of all ages. But how to choose the pearl ornaments which can suite best you?

When you purchase freshwater pearl necklaces, you are advised to take into consideration its luster, color, shape, surface brightness and size, etc.

– Watching the surface perfection and cleanliness of pearl. If the pearl has lustrous surface, without defects, it is the top grade. But those having rough surface, grooves or cracks, are the inferior pearls.

– Pearl has rich colors. When we choose pearl, we shall consider our own skin color, temperament and taste. Generally, women like silvery white and light red.

– As for the shape of pearl necklace, we shall pay attention to its uniform shape and size. To choose earring or pendant, we may choose the round pearl, or pearl of irregular shapes specially designed and processed.

– When pearl accords with above factors, the larger size has the higher value.

If the pearl necklace you have chosen to meet the physical standard mentioned above, you can move to the next step for evaluation whether the style of the pearl necklace can suite your physical features and your dresses.

If you have a long shaped face, you can choose a short or double rows of pearl necklace to make a balance. For ladies who have a round face and a thick neck, they can choose the princess style or Martini style necklaces to improve its visual quality. The ladies who have a square-shaped face can choose Opera style or cord style necklace to make their features perfect. Skin color, hair styles and dress styles are also important elements for you to take into consideration to choose an appropriate necklace which best suit you.

Women’s Rings

March 20th, 2017 10:24 pm

Rings are the most desired gift by women for their symbolic meaning and because they accent a woman’s hand, complete an outfit and express a side of her pesonality. In addition, rings are the main symbol of marriage and a lifelong commitment to someone else. Why is marriage christened by rings and not other jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, or earrings? As a symbol of love, rings wrap tightly around a woman’s finger and represent the strength of two people’s love.

Rings have many different forms. In addition to the famous solitary there are a multitude of variations regrding materials and designs.

The choice of a ring depends on the occasion for which you want to wear it and must be combined with other accessories like makeup, clothing, and jewelry.

The most precious materials for ring metals are platinum and gold and the rings can be mounted with precious stones and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarine, topaz, amethyst, jade, quartz, and more.

Silver rings are very popular, thanks to the malleability of this material that allows itself to be worked in various ways. The malleable material of silver can be recessed with precious stones, chiselled with metal tools, bent, and designed to the vision of the artist. Silver is a material that is also commonly used due to its lower price than gold.

There are a few classic and timeless engagement rings as follows: the diamond solitaire characterized by a single stone, the trilogy formed by three stones, the riviere consisting of 4 or more stones arranged in a row, and finally the eternity model, consisting of a full circle of diamonds.

Recently popular are cocktail rings, which were born in the twenties during the period of Prohibitionism and are currently very popular and loved by women, characterized by a large and multifaceted stone. These are meant to provide an “accent” to an outfit and are considered more part of the outfit than just jewelry. Some popular cocktail rings are large shapes such as flowers, diamonds, shapes, or abstract items.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a truly, unique and retro model, there are self-defense rings from the Renaissance period called poison rings. Modern day self-defense rings such as the Go Guarded protective ring, Defender Ring™ self-defense ring, and Relentless Ring personal defense ring are all derived from the Poison Ring.

Renaissance period Poison Rings incorporated large size cavities and containers that held poison or other liquids, that could be opened and closed using a sliding lid closure. They were in effect small containers, used in ancient times to pour different types of poisons into glasses or plates. The modern day weapon rings all use different types of devices, most notably knives, points, blades, and hooks. These rings have been improved to be lighter and easier to carry with you. That is the main reason why containers in rings are no longer used – they are too big for someone to wear on their finger.