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Archive for December 5th, 2007

Celtic Jewelry Buying Guide

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

The traditional crafting of Celtic jewelry dates back  for centuries. The intricate designs found on many of these  intriguing pieces of art were largely influenced by designs  found in ancient Celtic manuscripts and feature symbols  representing ideals such as love, loyalty, friendship, and  fortitude. Thus, this ancient art of the Celts is not only  steeped in history but meaning as well. The price ranges of these Celtic art pieces start from low  double-digit dollar amounts for mass-market silver jewelry  to several thousand for high-quality, handcrafted Celtic  jewelry made with precious metals and precious stones.  Like most things, the more unique or rarer it is, the pricier  it gets. A fine jewelry lover can choose from several forms of Celtic  jewelry available. One can find popular items such as  Celtic crosses, Celtic rings, Celtic pendants, and Claddagh  earrings. Celtic Crosses – These beautiful crosses predate the  Christian cross by about two centuries. While the Celtic  cross is believed to bring greater knowledge, understanding  and the fortitude to the wearer, the Christian cross, on the  other hand, is believed to protect the wearer from harm.  Celtic Pendants – Aside from the enduring Celtic cross, the  other popular pendant design involves the Claddagh design.  Celtic pendants may contain precious stones. These make  wonderful gifts to friends and is especially popular as  Mother’s Day gifts. Celtic Rings – Another piece of Celtic jewelry chosen by  jewelry lovers are Celtic rings. These rings commonly  incorporate the Celtic knot design. Celtic knots are  believed to be symbols that represent eternity and undying  love Celtic rings are increasingly used as engagement  rings and wedding rings since they represent fidelity and  commitment. Such rings are also exchanged between  friends because they denote loyalty and friendship among  good friends.  A form of Celtic ring design is the Claddagh. These  wonderful rings incorporate a design that is well  documented in history. The first Claddagh ring was made  over 300 years ago in Claddagh, a small village in Ireland.  A fisherman in this village, Robert Joyce, was captured by  pirates and was later sold as a slave to a wealthy  goldsmith. While working for the goldsmith, he learned the  trade and used it to make a beautiful ring for his love back  in Claddagh. After being released from slavery several  years later, he returned to his old village and presented his  handcrafted ring to his beloved. They were married soon  after.  Claddagh rings use three important symbols in the design:  Two hands representing friendship, a crown representing  loyalty, and a heart representing love. The symbolism  contained in the ring design makes it great as a Celtic  wedding ring or Celtic engagement ring. Claddagh Earrings – Another great use of the Claddagh  design comes in the form of earrings, another wonderful  accessory for a discerning woman’s wardrobe. Celtic  earrings may be studded with precious stones such as  Emeralds or diamonds. The growing demand worldwide make Celtic jewelry great  gifts even among the non-Irish. Anyone can appreciate and  enjoy the beauty Celtic jewelry offers when the meanings  and the traditions are clearly understood. These Celtic works of art may be purchased online or  offline. The smart shopper will probably find a better  selection and prices online. There are lots of reputable  Celtic jewelers online that create unique pieces sure to  become family heirlooms.