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Online Diamond Jewelry Store – Tips When Buying Diamond Jewelry Online

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Nowadays, there are a lot of scams around which make buying diamond jewelry from online jewelry store almost impossible. However, scams do not always need to be associated with online shopping. As long as you are careful, you will still be able to find bargains and quality diamond jewelry from the Internet.

As you have a wide selection of choices on the Internet, take your time to browse around. Do not purchase the first diamond that you see that interests you. Instead, when you found a piece that you like, look for similar piece that is for sale on other online stores. By doing some comparison shopping, you will be sure to find the best bargains. After you have found a piece that you love with the lowest price, do not purchase the diamond yet. Find out about the sellers credentials and his return, refund and upgrade policies. Also do check whether the seller provides his business address and phone number so that you will be able to call them instead there is any problems with the diamond that you have ordered. Lastly, you should ask for a diamond grading report from an independent laboratory such as GIA and EGL before making the purchase. A good practice is to request the diamond jewelry seller to send the diamond to an escrow service, and you send the money to pay for the diamond to the escrow service. The escrow service will appraise your diamond and sends the diamond back to you and sends the money that you have paid them to the seller. This is the surest way to protect you from any online jewelry scams. However, make sure that you find a reputable escrow service.