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Archive for August 29th, 2008

Beauty With Beaded Jewelry

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Jewelry is an oldest form of ornamentation to enhance beauty. Jewelry nowadays comes in various shades and colors as well as creative designs. Jewelry is considered as the best way to express ones manner and create an enthralling appearance. Throughout history, jewelry played a critical role in special occasions and there is not a single culture or civilization that does not speak about jewelry. Everyone knows that women find beaded jewelry irresistible and love to wear it and flaunt it. Women find it suitable to adorn it in every cultural festival. Some people feel and think that such jewelry is not for Men or Kids but that’s wrong, as nowadays many fashion houses design various styles for men which they can commonly wear like pearl bracelets or rings. Furthermore, the French have gone ahead and designed beaded jewelry for kids. A good number of French girls often get their ears pierced and wear beaded earrings.

If you wish to cater to young high school kids then Bracelets would be the right choice. It’s very easy to make and it takes fewer beads and other supplies as compared to other necklaces. Chokers are also in vogue. And can be a fast seller if made with a bead or pendant strung on leather or rubber cord seller. It’s really nippy to make chokers that are less expensive and above all very cool and a craze among the high school crowd; hemp chokers with beads are also popular. As a jewelry designer one must not forget the men. Do not cause offence by leaving out the men or you will be the jewelry offender. You can also indulge in making customer requested jewelry, It may be, a particular kind of ear wire, post earrings, pins, triple strands of beads, certain colors you’ll never know until they ask for it! Jewelry business is an open field, for creative mind hence go ahead and create a craze!!!