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Fine diamond jewellery at highly competitive prices

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Western customs require that the engagement rings are to be worn by a woman on her left hand ring finger to demonstrate that she is engaged to be married. However, in modern day usage, the engagement ring is given to a lady by a man at the time of proposing marriage and agreement of which would lead to her wearing the engagement ring, which is presented as a betrothal gift and signifies the official acceptance to marry in the future.

How many purchases do you make where what you are buying needs to make you look good and be a worthwhile investment at the same time? The purchase involves both your
emotional and business side. At 4csdiamonds you can find fine jewellery at high competitive prices.

This is an emotional purchase because you want to look great and feel fantastic when you put your 4Cs diamond earrings on. Most people only wear their diamond earrings on special occasions, so that thinking about wearing them needs to make you feel special. It’s important that you buy the right shape diamond earrings to suit your look Tente Sealed Air.

What’s as important is that you purchase the right quality and shape of diamond to compliment the setting.Buying diamond earrings should always be about buying the right diamond. A good rule is to purchase the best diamond, not necessarily the biggest, that your pockets can afford Module Art Panels.

Within this guide to buying 4Cs diamond jewellery you will find sections that look at every shape and style of 4CS diamond uk, together with a comprehensive guide at what diamonds are and how to be sure that you are purchasing a good quality sumo suits

Cleaning Pearls – Avoid Problems

Friday, May 15th, 2009

When cleaning your pearls, use only jewelry cleaners that are safe for pearls. In fact, avoid commercial jewelry cleaners altogether unless they have been specially formulated for pearl cleaning.

Do not clean your pearls using jewelry cleaners made for gold or silver. They contain an ammonia base that is harmful to your pearls. Do not use bleaching agents, baking sodas or powdered cleaners. Some liquid soap can damage pearls. Use only a mild soap and water solution.

Use soft, lint-free cloth to get rid of accumulated dirt, perfume, makeup, body oils or perspiration. Do not use a toothbrush or abrasive cloth to clean your pearls. They can scratch the surface and they can also wear away the pearls’ coating, leaving you with marked and plain-looking beads. For more thorough cleaning, use soft soapy cloth. Then using another damp cloth, gently wipe the pearls to remove all soap residue.

Clean the drill holes where the dirt particularly collects. If your pearls are especially old, you could try washing them with water and very mild liquid soap. Wipe them with detergent-free damp cloth and leave them flat on a kitchen paper to dry. Once dry, coat them with olive oil to try and restore their sheen.

After the olive oil treatment, lay the pearls on wash cloths or a moist kitchen towel to dry. Do not hang your pearls. When the wash cloth becomes dry, the pearls will usually be dry as well.

However you clean your pearls and whatever cleaning agent you use, you should remember to be very careful as you may be doing your pearls more harm than good.

If your pearls have not been properly maintained and they are now full of dirt and grime, you should bring your pearls to a trustworthy jeweler or a professional jewelry cleaner for professional care.