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Handmade Jewelry By You

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Are you the one who like experimenting with your looks and jewelry? If you are the one who is eyeing some inimitable jewelry to bring some difference in your charismatic personality or looking something unique for giving gift then making your own jewelry with your own thoughts and ideas will be a great option for you that only make you distinctive but also add a sparkling beauty to your overall personality.

So, now if you are prepared with your image of that dream jewelry, you love to wear, go to the market to search certain tools and basic equipments that will help you to make your jewelry. It may include some general tools for molding and giving shapes to metals and other materials. Select some beads and findings with different colors and sizes that reflect your style sense and fashion knowledge. On the price factor too, they are also very reasonable and affordable. You can get a designer jewelry piece in comparatively very low price.

For making your jewelry collection far better and beaming, you can also choose some precious and semi-precious stones such as turquoise, garnet and peridot that are really attractive in appearance and maintain their shine for a longer period of time. For giving it a glittery look, you can also go for some sterling silver and lampwork beads that can make a difference with their eternal shine. If your pocket allows you further, you can also go for pearls and emerald to treat yourself a royal neck wear with a matching earrings.

After choosing and finalizing the perfect stone and gem, you need to choose the method of construction for your jewelry that reflects your hidden beauty and charm well and compliment you to enhance your aura. You can choose anything from a complex design to a plain design as per your taste and preference. Generally, it is preferable to select a single style as it saves the cost and also helps you set your own expertise in the field.

If you are funky and love junk jewelry then going for some nice wire jewelry can also provide you some great alternatives. It is really simple to cut the wire in desirable manner and you can also place some attractive beads into it to give it a casual classic look.

So, now you know how easy is to make your own jewelry with limited resources and money that express great fashion sense and idea which says your persona better. Easy, fast, good looking in your own style! Why not?

Making You Special With Handcrafted Jewelry Of Birthstone

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Many people like to wear their birthstones in jewelry articles as these stones are believed to bring good luck and good health to the wearer. Historical planetary talismans and other jewelry items are still appreciated by many people across the globe. They are composed of various gemstones known to have mystical powers associated with them. There are different talismans connected with different planets, for example the talisman of the moon is thought to be the source of feminine power. Similarly, the talisman of Mars can help fight disease and attacks.

These charms are worn as pendants in chains or as earrings. Amulets are also worn in a similar manner to keep troubles away. Many kinds of gemstones are used to make such jewelry articles including stones of the twelve months. Chakra gemstone jewelry is also known to have special healing powers associated with it. Handmade chakra jewelry articles are now widely available on the internet. They are composed of lovely anklets and beautiful bracelets. Different materials are used in these articles including leather, beads, sterling silver, gold, Sworavski crystals, and healing gemstones. Chakra means energy source and there are seven basic chakras in the human body.

Birthstones like agates, carnelians, amethysts, garnets, moonstones, pearls, bloodstones, and peridots are used on these bracelets and anklets and they look lovely. Some people use them as mere ornaments, while others consider them special and sacred. Beaded watches and necklaces also come under chakra jewelry and they are equally beautiful and unique. These jewelry articles can make excellent and unforgettable gifts for all occasions. Handmade jewelry is made by using various artworks including filigree and wire looping techniques. You will find tons of designs in this category, all of which are exceptional and simply exquisite.

Silver handmade gemstone jewelry is also gorgeous and attractive. Fresh water pearls, black onyx, garnets and carnelians are often used on beautiful necklaces. Some of the birthstones represent love and prosperity, while others symbolize hope, peace and tranquility. These stones come in various lovely and exotic colors and can bring peace of mind. Many people believe that wearing certain gemstones can make them healthier and can also help them to get through various challenges of life. Magic amulets are used for special purposes, such as making a relationship last or choosing a profitable business.

Birthstones are also used for making magnetic healing bracelets and necklaces. Crystals are used to complement the designs of these jewelry articles along with silver or gold wires. They look beautiful and are available in many different colors which can also be matched with any kind of outfit. They are given common names like November Topaz, October Rose, May Emerald and March Aquamarine. This type of handmade jewelry is popular across the globe and is not very expensive either. Children’s gemstone bracelets and anklets are also available out there in beautiful patterns. Breathtaking designs are available in handmade gemstone jewelry with different kinds of beads, crystals and stones which can be bought for any occasion.