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Watch Out For Wholesale Jewelry

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

First of all, check out your wholesale jewelry supplier. Ask for past references and follow up and find out on their experiences with the supplier. Look out for things like, was the supplier easily reachable at all times, does the supplier have a verified physical address.

It is always good knowing that the supplier you are doing business with is serious and will not disappear overnight with your money, leaving you with no way to contact or trace them. Be sure to also try to find out how long this wholesale jewelry supplier has been in Business for. Of course, the longer the better, because it usually means that they are a more stable business and less likely to disappear with your money overnight.

The speed of delivery of your wholesale jewelry after you have made your payment should also be something you should watch out for. Personally I would not want to place my order and have to wait weeks and weeks for it to be delivered. Not only does it affect my business, it is just plain annoying. You want to try suppliers who deliver your orders in the shortest time possible after your full payment.

Another thing you should keep your eyes out for is the quality of the wholesale jewelry supplied. Usually the cheaper the prices the more likely the jewelry is going to be of poor quality. You will obviously be trying to get the best quality jewelry for a lower price but do not ever compromise quality for price. It will almost always come back to bite you in the behind.

It is also wise to check up on prices you have been quoted or charged with prices charged in the past, if you can get a hold of their past customers, to avoid being ripped off.

As you well know it is very easy to rip off jewelry nowadays. More and more fakes are being produced and they are now even making it hard to tell the difference between the fake stuff and the genuine jewelry.

Why don’t you do your research and become well versed with the knowledge you need to identify fake jewelry from the genuine. It will pay off in the long run, saving you complaints and possible law suits from your own customers, who may think you are trying to rip them off, after they realize you sold them fake jewelry.

In cases like this, you are always the bad guy, your customer will never understand that you purchased fake wholesale jewelry, to them you become just a con or scam artist.

They are many wholesale jewelry suppliers, but the truth is there are more fake suppliers or supplies of cheap jewelry than real quality wholesale jewelry supplies.

Do your research, to make sure you are getting quality supplies at the best prices.