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Archive for August 13th, 2012

Diamond Enhancements and Treatments

Monday, August 13th, 2012

In the market, there are various kinds of diamond pendants being sold as diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are those which are in cut in the shape of a star. There are those huge diamonds which cost a lot of money. And there are those diamonds that come in different colors.

Those diamonds that have different colors are those that have been treated by the jeweler in an attempt to improve the appearance of the diamond. Jewelers often treat the diamond to improve its existing clarity and color. This treatment would be able to further improve the overall appearance of the diamond.

To be able to improve the appearance of diamond necklaces and diamond earrings, jewelers would inspect for the diamonds for microscopic cracks. If they do, they fill up the cracks with molten glass. This would result in the diamond going up the diamond grading system one grade higher. However sometimes they use bromine instead of molten glass. The downside of using bromine is that it results in discoloration at times. As a point of caution, always ask what materials were used when you buy treated diamonds.

There are various kinds of treated diamonds. Some colored diamonds are just painted. These painted diamonds often have a yellowish tinge around it. The color is used to make the diamond look more translucent and more beautiful. Some diamonds, with electron bombardment, are colored darker to entirely change the diamond’s original color. The other diamonds are treated by means of laser drills.

The laser drills are used to reach the dark spots in diamonds. These dark spots are bleached in order to lighten the color and make the overall color of the diamond more even. After they bleach the dark spots in the diamonds, the tiny holes inside are then filled with molten glass.

The treated diamonds are usually very beautiful. It can even be cheaper than diamonds that are not treated. It is good for buyers who cannot afford to buy the better quality diamonds. But with treated diamonds, they can get a good looking diamond for only a fraction of the price they would need to pay for a beautiful yet untreated diamond.