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Archive for July 7th, 2016

Rolex Watch Repair – By Non-Rolex Person

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

It is recommended that you take your watch for servicing or overhauling every five years at least. Rolex watches are composed of over 200 parts that are pieced together. The constant motion of these parts which could be metal to gemstone or metal to metal causes friction. Regular lubrication is necessary to avoid the failure of these parts. The oils or lubricants that are used to grease the parts of the watch can dry up after some time. This eventually leads to coagulation, which can affect the accuracy or damage the delicate parts of your watch. The gaskets and seals can crack or become hard when it dries out, and this will lead to the loss of the watch’s water resistance. The movable parts of the watch could begin to rust when water penetrates it. Rusting will make those parts unserviceable and lead to total damage. When this happens, those parts will require replacement and it could be very expensive depending on the number of affected parts.

Rolex watch repair

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Whenever water enters your Rolex watch, or you observe the presence of fog or moisture under the crystal, you should immediately take it to a trained technician for servicing. Your Rolex watch repair can be done by a non-Rolex person. If you unscrew the winding crown in an attempt to wipe the watch dry, the metal parts may be exposed to oxygen which will lead to oxidation and eventually, rust. Place the affected watch in an air-tight plastic bag and take it to a qualified technician. Also, damage to the rotor of the watch will make the watch lose time slowly. As the rotor becomes loose, the efficiency of the auto-wind mechanism will diminish and watch would finally stop running. In some cases, you could hear a small rattling sound when you place the watch close to your ear. That is the axle bouncing around. A loose axle can cause moderate scraping damage by actually grinding down the outer edge of the movement. This occurrence may eventually lead to further damage to other parts of the watch movement.

During a Rolex watch repair or servicing, the watch is first disassembled completely, and the whole parts are inspected and ultrasonically cleaned. Then, the damaged or worn out parts are replaced before reassembling and lubrication. The gaskets and seals too will be replaced. The movement gets tested afterwards and then adjusted for accuracy. The bracelet and watch case will get cleaned and polished. Then the watch movement will be inserted back into the case. The watch will at this point undergo further testing and inspection for water resistance and to make sure it is running correctly.

Quality control checks are performed to ascertain the accuracy of the watch before it is inspected for its fit and finishing. Most people believe high-quality watches like the Rolex don’t need servicing. But they are wrong. Everything that has moving parts require routine maintenance for optimum performance. Regular maintenance is cheaper and will extend the lifespan of the watch. Waiting till its damaged will cause you to pay more for replacements.