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Birthstone Jewellery Gift Ideas

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Birthstones are not only beautiful gemstones full of sparkling colour, they each also have been represented in history and myth for ages. All throughout history, birthstone gems have been written and wondered about, appearing in folklore tales and Biblical texts from long ago.

Gemstones are actually human creations. After minerals are formed by pressures and gasses in the earth, we excavate them from deep below. After we excavate these precious or semiprecious stones, we cut and polish them into specific shapes, or cuts. It is then that they are considered to be gems. Gemstones are most often set into gold, silver, or some other precious metal and worn as jewellery. Only stones with high levels of colour, clarity, cut, and durability are considered to be gemstones.

Birthstone history and lore have been a part of various cultures’ belief systems for centuries. We have long held the belief that a special birthstone is dedicated to each month of the year, and that each stone possesses special properties or virtues that it can transmit to those born in that month.

Beginning within the traditions of Judaism and Christianity, there is speculation that the twelve stones in the great breastplate of the Jewish High Priest might have had some influence on this evolution. Centuries ago, the interpreters of Revelation began to ascribe to each of these stone attributes of the twelve apostles.

Whatever the origin, even today it’s within our nature to covet jewellery that is more intimately associated with our personality like a birthstone piece of jewellery. The concept that birthstones possess extra metaphysical significance to the wearer contiunes to hold a spell over the hearts of whoever possess it. The scope of information about birthstones and coloured gems is long and detailed, and may even stir the imagination of a steadfast cynic.

A Precious Birthstone Jewelery Gift

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Every month of the year has a particular precious stone that belongs to it. It is believed that wearing the stone of one’s particular birth month brings the individual good luck, health, wealth and prosperity. Birthstone jewels have a birthstone belonging to a particular sun sign beset on it. This piece of jewellery is said to possess the qualities of the birthstone. Birthstone jewellery when worn looks very attractive.

Just as there are twelve months in a year, there are twelve birthstone’s assigned to each month. From January to December they are as followed respectively-

* Garnet
* Amethyst
* Aquamarine
* Diamond
* Emerald
* Pearl
* Ruby
* Peridot
* Sapphire
* Opal
* Topaz
* Turquoise

The designer silver birthstone jewellery can be a perfect gift, especially for women as it is a universal fact that women love jewels. Gifting some one designer birthstone jewellery on almost any occasion really sends out the message that you truly care as not only do you know the persons birthstone but you have also taken the trouble to find the perfect designer one for him/her. These birthstone jewellery items are a very personalized gift.

It also means that you wish the person stays healthy and happy always as birthstones are meant to bring and maintain positivity in one’s life. Designer silver birthstone ornaments are worn not only by women but also men around the world; hence they are the perfect personalized gifts for a friend, parent, or partner.

Care should be taken while buying these items. You should only buy it from a reputed shop that guarantees quality. Often many dealers sell such precious birthstone jewels at heavy discounts; they are of low and cheap quality and are not even real but synthetic stones. The discounts offered are just in order to lure customers into buying their products and hence you should be cautious with the same.

Women have the option to choose from various kinds of designer jewellery pieces, from earrings to necklaces. The options for men too are not far behind. Birthstone cufflinks, rings and bracelets are some of the options that are available.

So the next time you think of gifting a dear one, try getting them birthstone jewellery, a gift that will be valued forever.