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How to Choose the Right Type of Nose Piercings

Nose piercings have exploded in popularity the last few years and entered the mainstream of society. Nose piercings are a form of self expression. Many people feel that certain piercings bring out their personality and show their individuality. No matter what your reasoning is, there is still some thing you should know and consider before getting any type of nose piercings.

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On e of the most important thing is to choose which side of your nose you wish to have the piercing on. There is no particular meaning given to either side with one exception. In India, either the left or right side symbolizes which part of India you are from. In other countries it is simply a matter of preference. For those with other facial piercings, you may find it helpful to look in a mirror and see which side will best balance your other jewelry. For example, if you have your left eyebrow pierced, it may be a good idea to balance this out with a nose piercing on the right side.

Once you have decided on the side and have located a professional who is licensed and uses sterilized equipment, you will then choose the exact positioning. Many people who have this done report little to no pain.

In the scheme of things, the most important of nose piercing tips is to take proper care of both your nose and the jewelry during the healing process. Because the nose is made of cartilage, it can take quite a while to fully heal. Small amounts of fluids may discharge from the area and you will need to set aside time for at least two cleanings per day to keep the entire area clean and dry.

Nose piercings begin to heal at the surface and then slowly heal inward. For this reason, while it may appear healed when looking in a mirror after just a few days, your piercing will not be healed inside. The piercings should be cleaned with hot water and a mild soap. Antibiotic cream or solution is usually not necessary unless you have a confirmed infection. If soap seems to irritate your piercing, you can switch to just hot water with some salt mixed into it.

Do take care to try and not sleep on the side of the piercing and do not play with the jewelry until it is fully healed. Finally, one must have patience as it generally takes eight to ten weeks for a nose piercing to fully heal. After that time you may then switch out the stud for any ring or other jewelry that you desire. It is recommended to always choose a stainless steel stud as this will not usually cause an allergic reaction.

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