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Purification And carefulness For Pearls Naturally

The best way to get pearls glowing with that gentle lustre is to let them sit next to the skin frequently, moving gently. In other words, pearls look their best when worn frequently. The combination of natural body oils at the neck and/or wrist (assuming that you have a pearl necklace or a pearl bracelet) mixed with the gentle buffing of a soft substance that is similar to but much finer than chamois leather – your skin, even if Father Time and Mother Nature have left fingerprints all over you – is perfect for cleaning pearls. Pearl earrings of the long and dangly kind manage to get enough buffing and oils as well, and also should be worn frequently.

Pearl rings should be kept for special occasions only, as hands are exposed to many more substances than necks. Handwashing, for example. Soap is no good for pearls, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer is even worse. Take your pearl ring off – carefully – if you have to wash your hands if you are wearing a pearl ring. And you’d probably take care of your pearl bracelet, too. Make sure that your pearl necklace and earrings are protected from the chemicals that do go on your neck – namely moisturizer and perfume. Even home-made lotions and fragrances will do pearls no good. Put your pearls on last as a finishing touch after your moisturizer, makeup and perfume.

But sometimes, pearls will get a little grubby and the natural oils from your skin can build up too much (especially mixed with makeup, skin flakes and everyday grime). This grime will need to be cleaned off. Water is about the only readily available thing that will not damage pearls, so you should rub your pearls with a soft cloth dampened in a little warm water. Technically speaking, salt water can be used to clean salt water pearls, but the problem here is the string that holds the pearls together doesn’t like the salt water. If the grime is visible, you can scrape at it gently with your fingernails, as fingernails are the same hardness as pearl and won’t scratch it. But gently is the operative word.

Pearls should not be steam cleaned. Other natural domestic cleaning London methods and products to avoid include baking soda, milk (too acidic), talcum powder and ultrasonic cleaners. Don’t use a toothbrush, which is perfect for other jewellery, or a scouring pad. Just stick to water and a soft cloth, with the occasional poke from a fingernail. Leave them off or just wear them anyway.

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