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Diamond Engagement Rings – Choosing a Diamond

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Getting engaged is one of the greatest moments in a person’s life. When you propose, you’ll want to have an engagement ring. But emerald cut diamond engagement rings are tricky things. How do you find the one she’ll love ’til death do us part?

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

In the event that you’re designing your own diamond engagement ring, most online stores will first send you to the “choose a setting” page. However, you ought to choose your diamonds before choosing a setting. The diamonds will almost always make up the largest part of the cost of a diamond engagement ring, so it’s usually best to choose your diamonds and then see what sort of setting you have room for in the budget after that. If you try to do it the other way around, and pick out a setting first, you may eliminate a lot of your potential diamond choices and end up with something that isn’t satisfactory.

Most designs for diamond engagement ring feature a center diamond, which then may be flanked by various configurations of other, smaller diamonds or gemstones, or simply left alone as a solitaire. These different types of designs are called settings, and each setting usually calls for a particular shape of diamond. The center diamond can usually be just about any shape, but the most common for this purpose is the round brilliant shape.

Round brilliant diamonds tend to be a little more expensive than other shapes, but thanks to the way they’re cut, there are some ways in which you can save money on them without sacrificing visual quality. Most importantly, look for round diamonds with clarity grades of SI1 or SI2. These will be much less expensive than diamonds with higher clarity grades, but the difference to the naked eye is barely if at all perceptible.

For stones to be set in diamond engagement rings with pavé or channel settings alongside the center diamond, square-shaped diamonds, such as the princess or radiant cut, work very well because they can bet directly next to one another without leaving any space exposed.

Once you’ve established how much you’ll be spending on diamonds, you’ll also know how much you can spend on a setting. Settings are fairly uniform in terms of pricing, so you’ll most likely have a wide selection available regardless of budget. The factor that has the biggest effect on setting prices is the material used for the band. Platinum is the most expensive, while yellow gold and white gold are also popular options. White gold can be an excellent choice because it is similar in appearance to platinum, with that silvery color and subtle yet beautiful appearance that goes so well with just about everything.

For solitaire rings, bezel settings and other, similar contemporary styles such as the tension setting can offer excellent value and style. Bezel settings in particular provide the diamond with extra protection in addition to helping to maximize their beauty.