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Welsh Gold Summer Charms

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Summer is always a good time of the year for enjoying the outdoors. It gives us a chance to come out of “hibernation” and bask in the sunshine. It is the time to put away our sweaters and take out our swim suits, flip flops, sunglasses and Welsh gold jewellery. Now you might be wondering why Welsh gold jewellery would be on a list of must have summer accessories. Many new designs and styles specifically is available in this gold jewellery for the summer season. Below are some of the popular Welsh gold summer charms you could consider investing in. These Welsh gold charms can be worn for everyday wear or just for fancy occasions. According to your preference you can attach your gold charms as a pendant or to a charm bracelet.

Fruits such as strawberries remind us of the summer because they quench our thirst after a hot day out in the sun. But the Welsh Gold strawberry bead charm is not one you can top your ice cream with! This strawberry is made out of silver and rose gold mined from the Snowdonia mountain ranges. Each charm has a touch of rare gold making it a special summer accessory to have. If strawberries are not your thing you can opt for a cherry gold charm. The cherry charm has leaves and a stem made out of 9 ct yellow gold and the cherries in rose gold.

The summer is not complete without a day on the beach. Picking up nice sea shells that have washed up onto shore is everyone’s favourite beach activity. Now you can add a 9 ct yellow and rose gold shell charm to your seashell collection this summer. This charm is in the shape of a bead and has a scalloped design on its surface just like a real seashell. You won’t find a pearl in this seashell but because it is made out of rare Welsh gold it is just as precious. Summer time makes way for picnics in the meadow. Long grass, song birds and bumble bees buzzing away as butterflies hover over every wild flower in sight. It is only fitting that you should wear a silver and rose butterfly charm made out of Welsh gold. If you prefer a little variety you can opt for the yellow and rose gold butterfly bead charm. The dragonfly, sessile oak, swallow and feather drop gold charms are other popular designs revolving around the beauty of nature.

Flip flops are most people’s choice of footwear during the summer because they are light, easy to slip on, and perfect for any outing under the sun. Most people live in flip flops all summer long until the weather starts getting cooler once again. To show off your love for summer you can wear a flip flop charm. The charm is made out of silver and rose gold with embedded crystals. There are so many different types of Welsh gold charms that you will be sure to find one of your liking. Take your pick because each jewellery charm is more unique and beautiful than the next.