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The Elegance of Fashion Jewelry

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

When choosing fashion jewelry you have a lot of options. One idea is to have a common theme and choose all of your jewelry to compliment that theme. For some people, it is animal jewelry. They will choose frogs pins, snake earrings and turtle bracelets in a variety of colors to match each outfit in their wardrobe. By doing this, they are creating a fashion identity and people identify with them for that. Often, people may stop by their desk at work just to see what new animal jewelry they are wearing that day. Another idea is to choose a signature color and work your fashion jewelry wardrobe around that. For some people, variety is the spice of life and they will simply choose a unique fashion jewelry suite to compliment every outfit in their wardrobe.

Fashion Jewelry

Quality vs price

You may be tempted to buy fashion jewelry at a very low price, sometimes even the dollar store has pieces that are cute, but be careful about the quality. No matter how inexpensive the piece is, it won’t give you a good value if it falls off halfway through the day. You don’t have to spend a fortune for good fashion jewelry, but you should choose pieces that are well made and will last a long time in your wardrobe. Even if the piece goes out of style, rest assured that it will be back “in” someday and then will be even more valuable since it may qualify as vintage.


There are many places to find fashion jewelry both off and online. You might try shopping at craft shows, specialty shops and just about every popular department store. Of course, shopping for jewelry online offers several important advantages because you can bring outfits out of your closets to match up with the jewelry on your screen and also you save a lot of time and expense by not running around from store to store.


Fashion jewelry has long been a part of many different cultures and can be made from a variety of materials. Fashion jewelry can help a person develop their fashion identity and accentuate their best features. Another great advantage is that you can create several different looks from the same clothing pieces and help stretch your wardrobe. Shopping online is a great way to find and purchase good quality jewelry at a reasonable price.

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Useful Tips for Choosing Beautiful Fashion Jewelry to Match Your Outfits

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

All of us enjoy splurging on fashion jewelry available at cheap wholesale prices. But how often are you stumped by the question about how to choose fashion jewelry wisely such as which statement necklace compliments your outfit? A regular struggle, isn’t it. So we bring some handy tips that should settle your daily woes.

There needs to be a balance between the color, pattern of your attire and the ornament to go with it. It is imperative to maintain this equilibrium to avoid looking garish with the ones chosen from fashion jewelry lines such as the cheap statement necklaces.

cheap statement necklaces

Mind the color of your Apparel

Almost any shade of accessory is apt if the hue of your outfit is white, black, or neutral. But when it comes to colorful clothing, you need to be more careful. If the dress is in primary colors (red, blue, yellow), keep your fashion jewelry limited to the secondary colors (e.g. orange, purple, green etc) and vice versa.

Yet, keep in mind the basic rule of color combinations like red doesn’t go well with green and so on. Experimentation is the best judge in this case.

Go easy on the Patterns

We don’t want those statement necklaces to overshadow the beautiful patterns on your dress. So keep it minimal, keep it chic.

A subtle strand of pearls with single stud pearl earrings or a solitary pendant on a thin golden string will do the job. However, layered jewelry or bold dangling hoops add an oomph factor to an otherwise plain garment. So take your pick based on the prints.

Remember the occasion

Bear in mind the place where you’re headed. Let’s have a look at the different situations and the best suited fashion jewelry:

– While you don’t want to distract your clients on a meeting with flashy or dangling hoops, a crystal stud earpiece with a cocktail ring suits the best. You can also go with a metallic wrist watch and a neutral necklace having a single pendant.

– Likewise, floral neckpieces bought at wholesale costs, with some vibrant ear-hoops and casual bracelet are easy on the pocket and give the best vacation look.

– When going for a wedding or a cultural affair, traditional chandelier costume jewelry or the antique gold and silver ornaments are the must-haves.

– For a casual day out, big loop earrings and funky, colorful trinkets give an informal yet stylish look.

Versatility in the accessory

You cannot have a fashion accessory for every piece of garment you own. And so, you can buy wholesale statement jewelries that can be used with multiple outfits at very affordable prices. Whilst owning a pearl set may end most of your miseries, variety is the spice of life. That’s why you should own a collection of ornaments like the diamond studded earrings, simple gold chains with amethyst, turquoise, rose gold hues, metallic watches and cuffs, and a trendy neckpiece garnished with all sorts of tints.

These pertinent guidelines will largely help in avoiding under or over-accessorizing your look. Ask yourself this question whenever confused with your accessory “Do I want the spotlight on my outfit or my jewelry?” The answer will help you figure out the perfect piece.

wholesale fashion jewelry

Nevertheless all your wholesale fashion jewelry and statement necklaces are meant to take your look a notch higher, to make an otherwise ordinary dress look outstanding or to tone down the ornate feel of your outfit by lending subtlety. Above all carry your outfit and jewelry with poise and elegance.