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Tips on Buying a Silver Necklace

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

If you are thinking about what to buy your loved one as a gift for a special occasion, you should look at the option of purchasing a lovely single silver necklace. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will look gorgeous at any time of the year.

What is sterling silver? Sterling silver contains the maximum amount of silver that can go into making a piece of jewelry, that is, 92.5%. The rest (7.5%) is copper. This ratio is important because copper provides the strength needed to maintain the shape. Pure silver (100% silver) is too soft and needs to be reinforced with copper. Authentic 925 silver will have the mark ‘925’ or ‘SS’ embedded on it. If the stamp is not there, you can be sure that what you’re holding is an imitation or a silver plated piece of jewelry.

Silver necklaces come in many styles, with many of them featuring embedded gemstones or ornamental designs. Turquoise, black agate or lapis lazuli greatly enhance the beauty of a silver necklace. The choker is a special type of necklace, consisting of a single or more bands fitted closely around the neck. While some chokers are rigid, other are made of flexible strands of silver or even exhibit a small pendant. The designs are too many to enumerate and the possible looks you can achieve are vast. When using necklaces try to coordinate them with other accessories an always select a design that accentuates the contours of the neckline.

Chain and necklaces in the silver industry come in standard lengths for both men and women in 2″ increments. The chains will usually fall at a specific place on the chest depending on the gender of the user. The standard necklace sizes for women start at 16″ (choker length) and reach up to 24″ to fall below the neckline. The standard necklace sizes for men start at 18″ and reach up to 24″ to fall above the sternum. You must measure your neck in order to find the appropriate chain length for you. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your neck at the collarbone and note the number. For men this measurement is exactly the same as their shirt collar size. It is very important to note than when selecting a silver necklace or chain you must choose at minimum the second size up.

Of course, always buying the same length of necklace would be completely boring. Choose the length you see fit based on design and the look you aim to achieve, depending on the occasion and season. A long necklace goes well with a turtleneck shirt in winter, while a choker will look good with a v neckline shirt or dress. Remember that the longer the necklace the more expensive it is, so you might consider other alternatives such a silver plate if you’re on a tight budget.

Pairing the right silver necklace with an appropriate outfit will surely enhance the aspect of any woman. When buying a silver necklace or chain consider your neck size, the thickness and shape of the chain links, the type of outfits and occasions that you have in mind for it and you should be ready to look your best.

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Engagement Ring Choosing Tips

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

1. Consider your price range.

Traditionally, a man is expected to spend the equivalent of one to two month’s salary on an engagement ring. However, as time has progressed and customers are becoming more involved in the ring design and production process, these price ranges can vary. It’s important to consider your budget. Much of the stress that comes with picking an engagement ring involves money. However, don’t worry about buying the biggest and most expensive diamond out there. There are beautiful and affordable engagement rings for all budgets.

2. Look at the jewelry she wears everyday.

A big indicator of her taste in engagement jewelry will be her taste in the jewelry she picks out herself. Is she prone to wearing big, bold conversational pieces or does she tend to wear small, elegant jewelry? If she wears rings on a daily basis, they can also be a great indicator of the style she prefers. If you’re able to, borrow one of her rings to bring to your jeweler to size her ring. If she enjoys ethnic jewelry, something that reflects this makes an excellent choice. A Celtic ring can compliment your Claddagh wedding ring beautifully.

3. Choose the right diamond.

Most of the money in your ring budget should be designated toward the diamond, and often purchasing a loose diamond can be an excellent way to make sure she gets the ring design she desires. Diamonds are categorized by the four C’s – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Research which diamonds are within your budget and speak to a jeweler about which settings will complement your diamond.

4. The jeweler is as important as the ring.

Picking the right jeweler will determine how effortless the decision will be. When choosing a jeweler, ask around. Choose a jeweler that is reputable. Find a jeweler that specializes in the type of ring you want. If you’re interested in Irish engagement rings, pick a jeweler from Ireland. Many of these purchases can be made online or over the phone.

5. Back up your purchase.

When purchasing your ring, make sure it comes with a warrantee and insurance. We’ve all heard of too many rings that end up down the drain! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, this is an important investment.

An engagement ring is an outward sign of love and fidelity, and a promise to be joined in marriage. Whatever your budget or style, there are many beautiful ring designs for every finger.