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Important Guide to Body Piercing

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Today, more and more people are attracted to body piercing jewelry. But it is important that it is not just all about fashion but it is important too for those who are planning to have it to know the basics about it and to know that it involves their health.

piercing jewelry

Always go to a professional piercer. There is a lot of piercing studio today. Choose one that has a good reputation and who can present appropriate permits and certification to prove its legality.

Professional piercer should follow the right procedure before performing body piercing that is to wear gloves and protective clothing, hair covering and wash their hands to avoid any infection.

Use disposable needles with all other items use like dressing and gold body jewelry all sterile.

Instrument use should all be sterilized and all surfaces clean.

Piercing guns are not ideal since it cannot be sterilized. These piercing guns are made of plastic thus it can’t be put inside the sterilization chamber. Another reason why it is not advisable to use piercing guns because piercing done in this manner is slow to heal and there is a risk of inflammation or infection. The cut made by this instrument is not clean causing a lot of trauma on the tissues pierce.

The after care instruction by your piercer should be followed up to the last detail so as to ensure fast healing with no complications. Healing usually takes six to eight weeks. After that it is safe to change your body jewelry if you want.

You should choose the right metal with your piercing jewelry, one that doesn’t react with your body tissues.

Some good metal choices are surgical implant stainless steel, surgical implant titanium, Tygon a special plastic good for people who are sensitive to metals and a gold metal.

Avoid using Sterling silver, plated gold or any type of fake gold. This kind of metals reacts with your body tissues which will cause infection.

Take no risk especially if it’s new piercing. Always seek a professional piercer for the job. They can also give you recommendations on the best jewelry metal choice for you. you can buy septum piercings here