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Shining with Handmade Silver Jewelry

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Today, silver is a new trend of fashion jewelry. So, when you attend parties and social events, do not forget your beautiful silver accessory. Certainly, you do not want to be out of style, do you? Both men and women adore silver. It can be paired with almost anything, whether casual or formal. However, when you buy jewelry and accessories, go for handmade sterling silver. It is way better than commercial silver made by machines.

While machines have paved the way to produce cheaper jewelry, fine jewelry comes about from careful craftsmanship. Handmade jewelry made from silver is jewelry set apart from the rest. These after all demand the patient labor of a skillful artisan who used various hand tools, instead of letting a machine do the work. The use of files, pliers, saw, mallet and blowtorch is a painstaking process which guarantees uniqueness of the jewelry and a premium on its price.

This is similar to possessing long gowns. There are those mass-produced items you see in the department store rack. These are definitely affordable but you get the risk of running into someone wearing the same dress. Otherwise, most of these dresses do not exactly match your personality and style because they are produced considering a safe style which can be accepted by most any personality. On the other hand, there are couture gowns which are produced using careful handwork, even some patient embroidery. These are definitely more cutout for its owner and are more valuable than those off-the-rack items.

Handmade jewelry are definitely more premium than the machine-produced items but silver items are the least expensive to make compared to the rest which use more precious metals like gold or platinum. With this fact, it is not impossible for you to own handmade jewelry. The art of producing them is also less difficult since such process have long existed – since the 13th century. German merchants started the use of sterling silver as they used silver coins for trading. Through time, there have been many substitutes and additions made into the production of silver jewelry.

It is therefore important to scrutinize the materials used in your jewelry. The price and value of your silver pieces depend on the gems and type of silver used. The price is not simply dictated by the fact that they are handmade, but also on the materials used. In the United States, sterling silver dictates that the piece should not contain less than 92.5% silver. The remaining content is copper. It is therefore common for your silver jewelry to tarnish because of this unique mixture of silver and copper. Silver plating is a different story altogether.

It means that whatever item can be used on your jewelry; only that a metal or some type of alloy is layered or coated with pure metal such as silver. There are silver pieces that are plainly made into costume jewelry which means they are produced to meet a certain trend. They may be handmade but they are usually made of non-precious metals with false gems or even plastic. They are inexpensive and poorly made which results to their easy bending, breaking and falling out.

Knowledge About Silver Jewelry

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Silver jewelry transcends all rules of fashion and finesse with their color and style. They are simply chic and elegant when you want them to be but when you change in to your girl out in town outfit, they can change in to fun, flirty accessories that are simply cool and sexy.

You don’t need to worry much about what you are going to get to compliment the varied outfits that you have. There are some of the classic silver jewelry available online that will go with anything that you want to wear.

Pearls are one of the best things that go with silver. You can choose from elegant looking hook drop silver earring set in pearls or you can go with dangling style silver earrings with pearl. These will look good with a simple silver pendant or a pearl and silver pendant. These are jewelry that will look good on any woman.

There are some sterling silver rings available online that are amazing to look at because they have well cut gems set in to them. These rings are the best in their class and they have a wide variety of gems to choose from. You can choose gems like zirconium, amethyst, sapphire, topaz and many more. You can also get a combination of gems on these rings. They will lend themselves to any look quite easily. You can wear them with designer outfits as easily as with formal dresses.

Silver looks good with gems of all colors and helps each of them stand out in their full glory. Even textured gems like tiger’s eye looks great when set in to silver. Silver is thus a very versatile material when it comes to jewelry. Silver jewelry will help you get the best out of your gems and your dresses.

The best thing about silver is its affordability and wide range of possibilities. Silver jewelry are commonly found in almost every corner of the world. This ensures a large variety in the choice that you will have when you are buying silver. Thus you can simply take you pick out of the best gems and silver jewelry online.