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What Makes Sea Glass Jewelry So Popular?

Before we look at the reasons why sea glass jewelry becomes so popular, we need to know exactly what sea glass is. Often also referred to as beach glass, sea glass is pieces of glass which have found their way into the ocean and have been smashed up, pounded by the waves and rubbed by sand and pebbles. This process means that the beach glass is usually found in relatively small pieces with smooth edges and has a frosted appearance caused by the leaching of chemicals when exposed to sea water.

The glass can come from a variety of sources including beer bottles, old window panes, medicine bottles, drinking glasses or soda bottles to name just a few. These have either accidentally been washed out to sea by flood water, been discarded deliberately into the ocean as rubbish or ended up there as a result of ship wrecks.

sea glass jewelry

Now you know what beach glass is, we can turn our attention back to the initial question of ‘what makes sea glass jewelry so popular’. Part of this popularity is the mystique of the glass. Some of the pieces were tossed away hundreds of years ago, only to wash up on shore today. Black glass, for example, has not been used to make bottles since the 1700s, so any of this color glass washing up on shore has been in the water for more than 200 years. Black sea glass is one of the most rare colors. It is part of our history, and makes one think that it is possible one of our country’s founding fathers might have chucked that bottle into the bay right after we declared our independence.

And even though people threw those bottles into the sea, the sea is giving something back to us. Those colored, frosted, smooth gems are a gift of sorts from Mother Nature. They are beautiful and hold a little bit of magic in them.

Finally, sea glass is such a happy part of so many people’s lives. How many people have fond childhood memories of hunting for sea glass with a mother or father long gone? It evokes memories of a happier, more innocent time.

The reaction of people who buy sea glass jewelry or receive it as a gift is almost always emotional and sentimental, because of all the happy memories it brings back.

It is these reasons why so many people are passionate about only using real sea glass for jewelry. Anyone can put glass in a rock tumbler and get something that looks almost like the real stuff. But it is not real. It wasn’t a bottle held by one of our ancestors. It never got polished and tumbled in the sand, it didn’t wash up on a distant shore waiting to be found. Real beach glass does hold a little bit of magic, and that’s why jewelry containing these little jewels is gaining popularity.

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