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Why an Antique Ring Makes the Perfect Valentine’s Day Present

If diamonds are judged according to the 4 C’s, jewellery intended to be gifted can too be judged according to the three As. Namely, the three A’s are aesthetics, affordability and the affair.


By ‘affair’, what is meant is the occasion. The occasion for which an antique ring is purchased will go in some length to determine the perimeters of your search for said ring. That is, searching for an antique engagement ring will almost always involve narrowing a search as the majority of rings purchased as engagement rings will involve diamonds.

A Valentines Day antique ring, on the other hand (and no pun intended), is more of a fluid and less formal purchase; you may know already what your intended recipient likes and so opt for the safe option.


Aesthetics, or the visual appearance, of a jewellery piece is the combined effort of a number of decisions and determining factors. Era. Style. Stone(s). Metal(s). Motifs. There are many things to consider, but these are all the things you will need to consider to get it right this Valentine’s Day.

One decision affecting aesthetics though is easy: the decision to ‘go antique’. Antique rings are by far the most romantic choice of ring out there, and as such the only choice on this the most romantic celebration of them all. Its journey to reach you or your intended recipient imbue the antique ring with romance, history and lore that no other ring can lay claim to.

Quite simply, antique rings span the most romantic eras in history and the eras whose fashions have come to inform and to a large extent determine current trends, hence you are guaranteed to get the perfect ring. As if that weren’t reason enough though, perhaps the what makes the antique ring quite such a popular valentine’s Day choice is that the likelihood is when you happen upon that perfect ring you know it is ‘the one’ at least in part because the likelihood is it is the only one of its kind you will ever find – just like the loved one for whom it is intended.

To learn about the eras that span the antique period of jewellery making in detail, refer to the Brilliant Earth website which features a low-down of all the major design eras and what characterise each era in terms of gems, styles and metals.


Still not sold on opting for an antique? You might be when you consider the price difference between a contemporary and antique ring.

Antique rings are by far both the most affordable and eco-friendly way to purchase a ring made of a precious metal and cast with genuine gemstones. Hence, and unless you are a millionaire, the choice to go antique can be the choice between getting what your intended recipient dreams of, or getting them a scaled down version of their dream, which is about as unromantic as it gets.

Further, by shopping for an antique Valentine’s ring online via the likes of specialists such as Antique Rings Online you can save even more as online antique ring dealers save money through not having to pay the often hefty price of renting out a premises on the high street. So, to bag the perfect Valentine’s Day ring observe the following, and you can’t go far wrong:

1) Focus your search on a period, theme and/ or motif
2) Consider stones, and which.rings1
3) Go antique
4) And finally, shop online.